Add it, configure it, move it, save it! Let’s create your very first Creative Factory template from scratch. This article will guide you through the whole process of a template creation. 

Add and configure assets


You’re starting with a blank canvas. What now? At first, add a bottom layer - a background. In this example we choose a shape as the background, but feel free to use an image or no background at all - it’s up to you!

Navigate to the left panel, select the Shapes icon and choose a square shape:

Move it to the top left corner, drag its bottom right corner and resize it to fill the whole size of the canvas.

In the right panel you can change the background colour - try our gradient options to make it more colourful!


Continue with adding products! Click on the Products icon in the left panel and pick products from your catalog. When you’re happy with your selection, close the window and select the 1st product picture.

Use the right panel to change visual settings of the picture as you wish!

Add a product name and its price by selecting the wildcards in the left panel.


Choose one of our text presets in the left panel, move it, scale it and use the right panel to change its settings.

Bring them to life


Let’s add some motion to your assets! Click on the Animation tab in the right panel:

You can add an animation for every asset separately. Our collection has 8 basic animations, each of them has specific settings.

Is your selected animation too slow? You can speed it up directly on timeline!


If you would like to change the asset duration in the video, simply drag its right corner on the timeline to make it shorter.

You can also change the order of assets in your video! Drag the top asset on the timeline and move it:

Let’s add another product into your video. In the timeline, click on the 1st product picture and using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl (CMD) + C and Ctrl (CMD) + V you will easily duplicate it. Its configuration and animation settings will be copied as well! Use the right panel to change the 1st product picture into the 2nd product picture.

Save it!

Once you’re happy with your creative, you can either save it as a template in your Template library or download it. This allows you to get the video in mp4 format and save it into your files. And that's it!

If you have any questions, feedback or simply just want to say Hi, reach me via chat button in the upper right corner:

Enjoy the Creative Factory! 

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