Have you ever thought about using data like margin, net price and similar for the product promotion? Do you have an internal system with valuable product data but you can't or don't know how to connect it to the product feed?

ROI Hunter can help you out. You don't need to bother your IT department or pay expensive external service. You can do it on your own in a few minutes 💪

Use cases

Business data

When you provide data like margin, net price, competitors price comparison, amount of items in stock you will get your product promotion to the new level. Optimizing according to this data is a game-changer since you will be pushing products not just according to its revenue but according to real profitability. 📈 We know that this kind of data is sensitive so we can anonymize it. 

Technical help

We know the situation 😉. You want to change/add data into your feed but your IT guy is overloaded so you are waiting and waiting and your request will be proceeded after month....or never 🙃 

Product list

Sometimes you have some list of preferred products (sale offers, outlet, stock cleaning, etc) It can be tiring to filter them on product set level according to their IDs because you need to manually update a product set whenever there is a change in the product list. If you integrate the list directly to the catalog, changes will be proceeded automatically and no extra attention from your side is needed 🙂

Additional images

Do you have a new image collection but it is difficult for you to add them to the feed? We can help with it too.

How it works

Open the catalog, select data management from the left menu and click "Connect custom data". Then read the dialog window and click "Send a request". Intercom chat with predefined message pops up so you just need to send the message and our support will agree with you on details. Don't worry they are waiting for you 😜

We are approaching each request individually because there is an infinite amount of variables of how your file looks like, which format do you prefer, columns sorting etcetera so we believe that it will be more comfortable for you to agree on all details personally.

How to create a data file

You should create some file with desired product info and post it somewhere so it will be accessible from the URL. Best format is .csv. If you have a company domain, post it there. 

The next and simple option is to use Google sheets (no need to have domain). When you create a data sheet don't forget to publish it as .csv format and send us the published link.

Watch our step by step tutorial on how to prepare the file

How the data file should look like

Example file: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EcxLi7izyqBfBJKqd5PQwxFtvQy4RlxHI192kjiwEY4/edit#gid=98860218

Example file in published format (send us this one):

  • We need to pair your data with products so the first column must have some common identifier. Usually, it is product id (retailer_id) but it can be something else: product group id, name or anything else. Just let us know about your case and we find a solution together 🤝

Example of CRM data:

Example for Product list:

  • Other columns are dedicated to your data. Just bear in mind that we have to map data to your main feed later on so you should have some empty tags there. Good candidates are Custom_labels but you can use also other empty tags like Color, Pattern or Material. They just need to meet FB requirements. 
  • Later when promoting products (building a product set) you just need to use tags where you map your custom data for filtering.                               Example for margin: Custom_label_1 > 20 (you filter products with a margin greater then 20)                                                              Example for product list: Custom_label_1 contains "promote" (you filter products which have in their custom label keyword "promote" so you make sure that only products that are listed in your custom data file will be promoted)


Q: I have fresh data in my custom file every day. How often you are syncing custom file with product feed?
A: Data are refreshed when the primary feed is updated. So if you add/update/delete some products 15x per day we fetch 15x data from custom source.

If you have any other questions or use cases, let us know please and we find a tailored solution together 🤗

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