Besides all the editing options within our editor, we’ve also got some special technical features which we are really proud of and which could make your life easier! Let’s go through them together.

Copy assets

If you have an element with some settings (type, configuration & animation) and want to create another one with the same properties, you can easily duplicate it. There are two ways on how to do it:

  • Using button Duplicate asset in the right panel
  • Using key shortcuts Ctrl/CMD+C and Ctrl/CMD+V

Resizing and moving an asset

Let’s look at the canvas. Here you’re able to move the assets into their place. If you are using keyboard arrows to do so, you can move it 10px by holding the Shift + arrow key or 100px by holding the Ctrl + arrow key.

When resizing an asset on the canvas, try to hold the Shift key. Thanks to this your asset keeps its proportions.

Instastory overlay

Ready to prepare your stunning video ads for Instagram stories? Make sure you have the Instagram overlay toggle on! This toggle allows you to see where the Instagram stories safe zones are and where you should not put any text so that part of your ad is not covered by Instagram’s native elements.

Lock asset’s settings

This functionality could be useful for those of you working on your templates together with your colleagues. Some of you are using the advanced version of the editor, adding many assets and visual settings to the video, others are using the light version with the need to only edit text and images. The function to lock the asset’s settings in the advanced version of the editor helps you to sort your assets out and lock editing options inside of them - so they can’t be further edited in the light version of the editor. 

Text wrap

Sometimes your products may happen to have extra long names. For example, you want to show the product name in your video but on the other hand it doesn’t look very attractive with so much text. What now? Try to use our Text wrap setting in the right configuration panel. Here you have 3 ways on how to show text:

  • Normal - shows the full text
  • Clipped - shows only the part which fits into the red bounding box
  • One line - shows only that part which fits into the red bounding box, the rest is replaced with “...”

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