What do these two templates have in common?

Both of them have the same base - one of the templates we prepared for you and which is waiting for you in the Template Library. Let’s dive into the editing options of our fully customizable templates!

What could the Template Library do for you?

We know that sometimes it’s not easy to come up with a creative from scratch. Through the Template Library we regularly bring you new templates in various colours and for various occasions. You can use them either as a source of inspiration, or easily customize them to match your branding. 

Need to have your feed & story creative in-line? No worries, the majority of our templates are made in both formats.

Light vs. advanced editing

In Creative Factory you have two options in terms of template editing. These options are displayed right under the template preview.

  • Use the option Create video to get into the light version of our editor. If you are happy with the creative and need to change only the content, this version is right for you.

  • Edit template will guide you to the advanced editor. To change the look and feel of the template (like you see on examples in the beginning of this article), you should go for this option.

Editing options

Start by picking one of the templates. For example, I chose this red one because it contains all the elements I want to have in my video. Don’t forget to pick a few products from your catalog to see how your selected template works with your product pictures.

I will start by changing the colours and font type. All these settings could be easily made in the right configuration panel. I removed the one-coloured background layer and used a picture as the background.

In the next step I changed the wording to match my currently prepared campaign for Cyber Monday. Also I deleted text layers which I won’t use.

Once my template had all the elements which I wanted to have in my video ad, I started playing with the layout more. In the configuration panel I changed the settings of the white frame around each picture - by setting a transparent fill colour and adding a border. And I also made changes in the positioning of some layers.

The last thing to do is to change the animations - I went for a combination of Fade and Zoom animations. After some small tweaks in the assets’ duration, the final step was changing the whole video duration.

If you’re happy with the design of your customized template, simply save it by clicking on ‘Save as template’. Don’t worry -  the original template won’t be rewritten, this option will create a new template in your own library.

These are just some basic creative flows. Feel free to expand your creativeness and remember to enjoy creating ads with us!

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