Black Friday is the championship time for all e-commerce marketers. It is the Super-bowl of performance ads. The competition in all advertising platforms is huge. The CPMs rise significantly (on average 40% increase), but the consumers are eagerly anticipating the deals, so the opportunity is incredible, with amazing profits to be reaped. But you have to be ready because the time is short and there is no room for mistakes. It is time to leg up on the competition!

Advertising budgets grow significantly for the Black Friday week (on average 60% bigger spends than a regular week). However, spending more is never really just about turning the Campaign budget knob. Our research shows that on Facebook and Instagram, the average lifetime spend per ad is pretty much the same across all advertiser sizes. In other words, the big players’ ads have the same average lifespan as the ads of a local mom and pop store.

This means that if you want to scale your ad spends, you have to create more ads! And indeed: During the Black Friday week, companies create twice as many ads compared to their average weeks. And the best companies manage to churn out 7x the amount of ads they do on the regular. Whooosh! Let me ask you again: is your team really ready for Black Friday?

Scale your creative efficiently

One of the biggest reasons why e-comms can’t pull that off is because they don’t have enough creatives. The graphic department is overloaded with work for all the parts of your marketing machine. Website banners, display ads, emails, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, maybe even billboards. Most probably, they have been busy the whole year, so asking them for a double for Black Friday is already a stretch.

Cue in Creative Factory. In our video editor, you can create a video creative template once and then make variants with different products on the fly. This means that your team can quickly deploy attractive ads without going back to the creative department. When the crunch time hits, this is a serious advantage. You might see an unexpected trend in demand for certain products and you can answer to that immediately and capitalize on those insights. Nimbleness is the most important trait in the turbulent environment of the holiday frenzy.

Tap into the product insights

Let’s not stop there. To be honest, generating random ads in vast quantities is probably not the best strategy. Selecting the right products is the key ingredient and we are here to help you as well. We enable you to connect various data sources feeding product insights directly into the ad making interface. 

Which discounted products have the best conversion rate? Which products have the largest stock to move to? Which products are people searching for? What are the most profitable products? We put these insights right at the marketer’s fingertips, so the next ads you push out have the best possible deals.

Putting it all together. As simple as 1,2,3.

So now you have the creative template and you plug your best products into it to make awesome looking videos. But you still have to launch the ads. And that can get stressful if you have many markets and campaigns running at the same time. That’s why we wrapped everything in a simple flow that can launch ads at scale. We simply call it the Ad Launcher.

Quickly pick your video template, fill it with the best products, write your copy and deploy the ad to many live campaigns at once within seconds. There is no need to manually duplicate your ads, insert UTMs or upload video ads. We have studied hundreds of e-commerce marketers’ workflow and we’ve cut away the fat from ads creation to create the ultimate ads launching flow.

Just to assure you: yes, we fully support the latest best practices for Facebook Advertising:

✅ Mobile optimized videos
✅ Creating Stories ads
✅ Asset Placement Customization
✅ Campaign Budget Optimization
✅ Stop-loss automation

What’s next?

Once you use ROI Hunter to handle the Black Friday stress, you might be asking what’s next for your business. Well, Black Friday is just the championship, but the game is on all year long. Save time on creating ads, so your team can focus on strategy, creativity and expansion. Partner with us and see your business grow!

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