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Music to the ears + a visual feast for the eyes!

Our editor now allows you to upload and combine your own audio files to your Facebook, Instagram and YouTube templates, resulting in a video template that comes with full sound support. In this quick tutorial, let us show you how you can upload audio files onto an existing template.

Uploading Audio Files

Choose one of your pre-existing templates and click on the Audio icon on the left panel. You will be provided with two options - either upload an audio file from your computer or add a link to an audio files stored externally. We support 2 types of audio files - MP3 & m4a.

Once the audio is uploaded, you can find it in the Recent uploads section. You only need to upload the audio file once, if you intend to use it multiple time without having to reupload it each time.

Change its length & position

With this feature, you will be able to add multiple audio tracks to a template, after which you can reduce the duration of a track, snip/trim a track by adjusting the length of a layer

Upon clicking on the particular audio layer, on the properties pane on the right, you can also choose the right spot to begin on the track with the help of a waveform.

There you go, your video, complete with background audio is now done!

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