Dynamic ads are popular for their simplicity and the fact that we can keep the ads running for a long time and care just about the products in the catalog. To create a great visual in minutes is really easy when using our Template Editor.
By using the shapes, additional images, discount percentage and many more, you can get the perfect results!
Would you like to master your skills even more and create a template ready for a particular season or your upcoming sales? Use the Scheduling conditions!

NOTE: The Ad will not go to the review when the changes are applied. All the changes are done on the template level already.

Technically, scheduling the layers is the same as editing or applying a new template, just at the specific time. It can take some time until the layer is fully reflected in your ads.

Here are some examples, how you can use our scheduling conditions:

1. Basic Overlay
Do you have the sale overlay matching the brand identity from your design team? Do you need to just let your customers know that only tomorrow, they do not pay for delivery? 🚚 Just a single condition can make a difference and you do not need to switch the overlay manually at midnight anymore. 💤

2. Complex Overlay
When you combine the Catalog conditions with Scheduling Conditions, you end up with visuals that even underline your limited offer.

3. Countdown
Would you like to utilize the emotion of limited possibility and let your customers know that the discount is not going to be there forever.

You can even include the information about your offline event happening next week or well-known global events (Earth Day, Valentines Day, Mother Day) and refer to these in your template easily in advance and turn on your template rotation.
There are plenty of use cases and we are more than happy to hear yours! 💌

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