The Overview Dashboard in Product Insights allows users to do a quick status check on the performance of their products. Additionally, it offers a visual representation of answers to some of the most pressing questions that clients have about their inventory.

The dashboard helps users understand the following about their product data,

  • Percentage of products that are actively being promoted

  • Ad expenditure on products promoted the most

  • Revenue generated by bestsellers

  • Percentage of products that don’t generate revenue

  • Percentage of products that aren’t promoted enough, despite bringing in a lot of revenue

For each of these dashboard cards, users can explore, drill-down, and find out more about the products that come under the purview of these questions by clicking on the Explore button.

Eventually, clients can become more comfortable using this information to take necessary actions, including (but not limited to) using this information for executive presentations, creating new product sets, or excluding poorly performing products from their campaigns.

Please note that initially, there will be no option to modify these questions or the data in the dashboards.

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