ROI Hunter’s cross-channel Product Performance Management Platform not only provides you detailed information on your product performance data across the board. In addition to running ads on Facebook, it also gives you the option to create campaigns on the fly for Google Ads. In order to get your Google campaigns up and running, we would need to connect your Google Ads and Google Merchant Center(GMC) accounts. This document will specifically walk you through the process of setting up your GMC catalogs for your accounts.

Step 1:

Share what your current GMC setup looks like with your CSM. We’d like to know if you use a Feed, API or the services of a Feed Provider like FeedOptimise or IntelligentReach to manage your products on the Google Merchant Center. We’d also like to understand if you have multiple GMCs or Feeds for different countries of sale. This helps us narrow down the most suitable method of integration for a smooth onboarding experience.

If you have a feed hosted on a URL, that you’ve set up on the Google Merchant Center, we will guide you through connecting the GMC by yourself.

Step 2:

We will ask you to authenticate your Google account to verify your access to the GMC catalogs that you wish to connect with ROI Hunter. Please make sure that the Google user you hope to use for this step has Standard or Admin level access to the GMC catalogs.

Step 3:

Once the catalogs are connected to the platform, we will generate a supplemental feed for each of your countries of sale per source feed.

A supplemental feed is an additional feed that Google allows to store additional data to complement your primary source feed. We use it to store custom labels, which are required for this feature to work. So, please let us know if/not you have unused custom labels. For example, if you operate using just one GMC account, but have multiple feeds - One each for Switzerland(CHF), USA(USD), Canada(CAD) etc., we will generate a supplemental feed individually for each of those primary feeds.

Please note that ROI Hunter will generate these supplemental feeds for you. However, since these supplemental feeds must be manually added to your GMC catalogs, our CSMs will assist you with this process every step of the way.

Step 4:

The process of connecting your GMC catalogs is complete. If you wish, you may now connect your custom data or data from Google Analytics within the catalog settings.

Step 5:

Create your first campaign :)

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