You can now remove any unused or inactive Facebook catalogs from ROI Hunter. It doesn't delete the catalog on Facebook, it just unassigns the catalog from your company in ROI Hunter (If you want to delete the catalog from Facebook, please follow these instructions). This means that you will no longer be able to see the catalog on ROI Hunter and use it for creating ads and analyzing performance. We recommend that you periodically remove catalogs that are no longer used to facilitate a cleaner, simpler user experience when using the Catalog Manager or Ads Creation.

What is the result of the removal?

Before removing a catalog, here are a few key points you should know:

  1. Once you remove the catalog, it is no longer visible on the platform and therefore cannot be used for creating ads

  2. We stop processing products of the catalog and remove them from the catalog (i.e. the catalog becomes empty). We do this to ensure that your ads don't promote products with inconsistencies(Eg: Lapsed product data, price inconsistencies, etc.

  3. We send an e-mail to all your colleagues (ROI Hunter users of that catalog from the same company) with an explanation and source feed (you can use it later as a replacement feed if you want to continue using the catalog on Facebook)

Automatic removal process

In order to remove the manual, repetitive process of removing unused catalogs on the platform, we've created a system that automatically removes dormant catalogs from ROI Hunter and keeps your company profiles clean.

The system checks whether there is a catalog without even a single user having access to it. If not, then the catalog is labeled as "to be removed" and after 21 days it's removed. We included these 21-day "delays" because there might be cases when you temporarily lose access to the catalog and we hope this gives you enough time to prepare for these changes.

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