From December 1, 2021, all newly added Google Merchant Center accounts, supplemental feeds and their country/language combinations are done with an easier Content API method.

ROI Hunter uses a supplemental feed to manage custom labels for product groups created on Google Shopping Campaigns. Please, ensure it's added to your Google Merchant Center account for the campaign to run correctly.

To create a supplemental feed:

  1. Sign in to your Google Merchant Center account.

  2. Go to Products > Feeds, and click a link Add Supplemental Feed.

  3. Name this feed “ROI Hunter Feed” and select the Content API option.

  4. In the next step, make sure to pair it with the correct Primary feed and country/language combination.

  5. You will see this new feed under the Supplemental feeds section. Click on it.

  6. You will see a Feed ID, copy it.

  7. Insert it into the input field back in ROI Hunter and confirm changes.

You are all set! You could continue with creating your Smart Shopping campaign. Should any problem occur, do not hesitate to contact Support through our chat button.

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