Products from Google Merchants need different management and levels of detail. Catalog Manager was built for Facebook purposes, that is why we are moving Google to its own place within Tools. We have created a new page dedicated only to Google Merchant and its Product Sources.

The journey begins with adding a Google Merchant account as usual. Choosing a country and language and adding Supplemental feed will be represented as an output in a single row with its definition: a Google Products Source.

What is Google Product Source?

It is a list of products downloaded from Google Merchant that is characterized by country and language. Each Source has its own Supplemental feed.

The page is organized by Google Merchant Accounts and Product Sources which are represented by combination of country and language.

You can manage each Product Source by connecting more Product Data, check the current use of Product Filters on custom labels, check status updates and see errors.

We are also moving towards safer and faster Supplemental feeds (Content API method). This means that product changes will appear much faster in your Smart Shopping Ads.

Please, contact support to receive the best guidance towards a simple upgrade. The old method of Supplemental feeds will be supported for now but deprecated later this year.

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