What is Performance Max?

Performance Max is the newest format heading to the Google Ads campaigns family with the aim to replace Smart Shopping and Local campaigns altogether. It is using the same core features while adding new inventory and formats across YouTube, Search text ads, and Discover.

Google states that "from early testing, advertisers who upgrade Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max see an average increase of 12% in conversion value at the same or better return-on-ad-spend (ROAS)".

The upgrades from Smart Shopping to Performance Max will become available through April 2022 and we can expect that all Smart Shopping campaigns will migrate to Performance Max through September 2022. See the official statement for more details.

What should I do with Smart Shopping campaigns in ROI Hunter?

If you want to upgrade your campaigns from Smart Shopping to Performance Max now, feel free to do so in Google Ads. This is the simplest upgrade. Your Product Group filters created in ROI Hunter and Custom Labels associated with them remain unchanged and they will keep updating.

What if I want to create Performance Max in ROI Hunter from scratch?

We are planning to fully support the new campaign format before Google finishes its transition from Smart Shopping completely. For now, we recommend creating Smart Shopping campaigns in ROI Hunter and upgrading to Performance Max with one click in Google Ads.

What happens to Standard Shopping?

The release of Performance Max sees no changes for Standard Shopping. This campaign type should remain without changes.

What else is important to keep in mind?

If you transition to Performance Max, it is good to check any custom reporting you might have outside of ROI Hunter or Google Ads.

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