ROI Hunter now offers a possibility to create a Performance Max campaign. During the campaign creation, you are now offered two campaign types: Smart Shopping and P Max, currently in beta.

Why beta?

Google is slowly rolling out new features that come with P Max. There is a different hierarchy, naming conventions, enlarged assets possibilities and a brand new option: audience signals. Follow the latest developments here.

Adding assets and creating audience signals is currently not part of ROI Hunter. You can edit these advanced settings in Google Ads. We would like to take some time to collect feedback on how P Max is used on a larger scale and then add the best practices to the platform.

For now, in ROI Hunter, you can create a P Max campaign where Product Filters will be visible in Listing Groups (formerly Product Groups in Smart Shopping). Adding e.g Bestsellers or Hidden Gems remain the same as in Smart Shopping.

Upgrade or Create?

The best practices for Performace Max are still yet to be lived. What should the expectations be when you either upgrade or create a new P Max?

There are two ways how to go about it. You can either create a brand new P Max campaign from scratch or upgrade the existing Smart Shopping.

Upgrading in Google Ads is a one-click affair. You can find this option either in the Notification panel or the Recommendations sidebar. You can upgrade a single campaign or bulk upgrade more. Google then will take 24 hrs for all changes. In reality, Smart Shopping campaigns will be paused and the P Max campaign will take over.

When creating a new P Max campaign alongside Smart Shopping, pay attention to which products are advertised in either campaign. P Max will take priority for the inventory.

Example: You are running Smart Shopping with Product 123 and Product 456. You also create a new P Max with Product 123 and Product 456. After some time, the Smart Shopping campaign with these two products stops performing altogether, because all priority is now given to P Max. Pause Smart Shopping then and only run P Max.

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