When facebook promotes your products via dynamic ads, it always control whether there are any products matching the product filter within the product set. If may happen sometimes that product set gets empty due to various reasons:

  • products get temporarily sold out

  • insights filter refers to exact or high number (transaction = 10, ROI >100 etc.)

  • product filter is too strict (product ID = 371, price is between €10 and €11 etc.)

  • you use feed provider prior to ROI Hunter and some issue that empty catalog appears

There are several solutions and recommendation we learned so far:

  • it's always better to use % values when it comes to insights filters (e.g. TOP 10% of transactions, TOP 1% of revenue etc.)

  • it's always better to import source product feed (or via API) directly to ROI Hunter

  • setup autorules to get notification when facebook stops the ad due to an empty product set 👇👇👇

Get notification when product set gets empty

Facebook stops and marks all ads stopped due to empty product set by "WITH_ISSUES" (as described here). Since ROI Hunter syncs all (even automatic) changes we know that facebook did it so and therefore our users can see ads with the status "WITH_ISSUES" in FB insights. Besides that, you can even set an auto rule that would notify you when FB stopped the ads due to the empty productset.

After receiving the notification, you can:

  • check the products set, edit the filter (if still empty), and activate ads

  • activate ads (if the products set was empty just temporarily)

You can of course even active the ads automatically by adding the "RUN" action in the auto rules.

If you have any questions and feedback, we're more than happy to get in touch and learn more from you ❤️

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